Hello! from Paper Trail Press…


Welcome to the online home of Paper Trail Press–a very, very small press.

Our first publication, due out this month, is Track Life: Images and Words. The images are the vision of photographer Juliet R. Harrison. She gives us a view of the racetrack and the racehorse that is seldom seen from the grandstand or clubhouse. Capturing the moments before, and the breaths in between, she lets her audience in on the secret that binds so many to the horse and the racetrack life.

Accompanying her photographs are the words of twenty-two contributing writers, each with their own relationship with the horse or the track. The voices in Track Life include New York Times bestselling author Carol Goodman, award-winning author and playwright Nina Sheingold, noted journalist and poet Mikhail Horowitz, and prominent Thoroughbred owner and philantrhopist Marylou Whitney among others.


We are now counting the days until the books release.

Please visit the events page for information about the Track Life launch and signing!